Richard is a dynamic, inspiring and passionate teacher. People who work with him, and are taught by him, are very fortunate indeed.
— Professor P.S., Monash University

In my line of work I get to attend many events and in doing so witness a huge array of speakers, Richard however, did something very special at that conference, something that I will carry with me forever. It was an incredibly uplifting, invigorating and enlivening experience for all who were lucky enough to share it.
— Gareth Sambrook, Head of Learning and Development, Victorian Civil and Admin Tribunal

Our symposium had 140 people from around the world. You were able to facilitate everyone…in creating something beautiful and in harmony, which was extremely powerful.
— Jeff Young, CEO: Bouverie Centre

On the Reader’s Course we really value the contribution of someone who brings a really practical application to the development of voice and body language. Richard has been working with us since October 2012, and in that time has helped many of our barristers develop these essential skills in order to communicate effectively.
— Jacqueline Stone, Victorian Bar Assoc., Reader’s Course

You graphically reminded me of the value of giving the voice (your instrument) its full potential.
— Ian Gray, (Former) Chief Magistrate