About Richard

Richard started out as a solo soprano in school concerts. On his journey to becoming a bass, he performed, directed and taught on three continents. Richard found Oz while on tour with the European theatre group KISS/SILK.

He’s directed many pieces of music theatre, including (Sydney) Sydney Theatre Co. and Belvoir St. (Melbourne) The Athenaeum and Universal Theatres. For three years he sang Bass in the contemporary vocal quartet Velvet Groove

A year in ashram in India drastically altered his approach, and he focused on teaching acting and voice work. He co-devised the series ‘Acting, Playing & Being’ with Penny Chater, and taught at N.I.D.A., Sydney University and the Victorian College of the Arts. During his nine-year stint at Monash University he won the Vice-Chancellor’s award for excellence in teaching. 

In 2007 he joined Ignite Coaching and since has delivered training in presentation skills with Global firms: Boston Consulting Group, Baker & McKenzie lawyers, and locally Telstra, Victorian and N.S.W. Bar Associations and Vic Legal Aid. Richard co-facilitates the ‘As She Speaks’ programme; helping female executives crack the glass ceiling. 

Since 2005 he has directed SoulSong choirs on Monday and Tuesday evenings at their acoustically flattering hall in Elsternwick. He ran two lunchtime choirs, one at Clayton hospital and at The Arts Centre, Southbank, and for a while he was the gentile running a Jewish men’s choir. He uses singing as a healing modality at the Eating Disorder Unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

I help people find their voice
Their authentic voice

Their ‘power’ sound

The colour beauty and joy in their voice

Many a time someone said to me, ’I can’t sing.’ And I’ve convinced them otherwise

I’ve helped lawyers speak in court

I’ve helped accountants speak up in meetings

I’ve helped women overcome centuries of conditioning and speak out boldly for what they want.

When Quantum physicists explored the sub-atomic world they discovered that throughout the universe the foundation of all matter is vibration – either as sound or light. When we find pure sound we are as whole and integrated as we can be.

When people free their voice they often find they are more ready to speak up for themselves. They may leave a job or relationship that no longer serves them. They may negotiate better pay or conditions at work.

When I came to teaching, I found that being of service was my best direction in life

And it’s filled me with delight ever since.
— Richard Lawton