Singing the Blues, Singing the Whites

The Blues

Slaves in the Deep South used to sing into a barrel so they could unleash their emotions without being overheard by the man with the whip. The Blues has an intensity and passion that’s contained and private. It was meant to go either into the barrel or up to heaven. This style is about sining with the belly muscles and contacting that deep inner soulful place that is so satisfying to sing from.

The Whites

Is about daring to be boundlessly joyful. How do we access that wonderful voice that sounds like a bright summer’s morning, and really allow our heart to fly, and from that place, is it possible to use that energy to uplift an audience. The secret is to take the focus off the self-conscious ‘me,’ and allow that energy to come through to benefit the other.

You may be surprised by the new landscapes you discover for your voice, and for a flowing unselfconscious freedom

As a preparation you will receive MP3’s so that you can familiarise yourself with a few simple lines of song.

Cost $150 (conc. $120)